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Searching for a California Medicare Supplement?  Look no further.   If you are looking for similar coverage to your current employer PPO plan at employer or individual plan then  Original Medicare + Medicare Supplement plans are a close match to the flexible PPO plan you're used to.


California Medicare Supplement plans pays designated amounts for the gaps Original Medicare A&B doesn't cover for medical bills with PPO provider style medical plans. 


Medicare is still a great value.


With many California Medicare Supplement plans you will likely end up paying less out of pocket on your medical expenses than your current plan.  The G Plan Supplement in particular pays your Part A hospital deductible, and the 20% coinsurance at the doctor's office you'd be responsible for without it.


California Medicare Supplement G plans, our most popular option, includes coverage for your medical bills: out of pocket deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays! 


How does it work?  California Medicare Supplement Plans work in cooperation to fill gaps with Part A Hospital expenses and Part B Physician's Services health insurance.


Instant quotes available for CALIFORNIA MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS available  here.




Want a single Medicare plan which has bundled health, dental, & vision coverage "all inclusive"?


You've come to the right place!


California Medicare Advantage Plans, or Medicare Part C, are private insurance carrier run Medicare plans which offer at least the same level of coverage as Original Medicare A&B.


What about Medicare Part D prescriptions?  Is that included?  In short, typically yes!  With a California Medicare Advantage Plan you most often get your health insurance & prescription coverage in one plan.


Is dental and vision also included?


This is also great news!  Some California Medicare Advantage plans may offer additional coverage packaged such as dental or vision.


This gives you the added convenience of one stop shopping.  It's great to have a single insurance carrier for claims, billing, customer service etc.


Is Medicare Part B election required to enroll in Medicare Advantage?


Yes!  Both Medicare Part's A Hospital and B Physicians services must be elected to enroll in a California Medicare Advantage Plan.  


What about Medicare Part D prescription plans?  Do you need Part D prescription coverage elected separately?


Typically California Medicare Advantage Plans include Medicare Part D insurance bundled inclusively,  which is the prescription plan coverage available Medicare for enrollees.


To request pricing for California Medicare Advantage Plans view our instant quotes here.




What about Medicare Prescription coverage?


Medicare offers a prescription plan which is called MEDICARE PART D which was passed in Congress effective January 1, 2006.  Before that, hard to believe but Medicare did not cover outpatient prescriptions.


With California Medicare Part D the insurance plan is purchased either separately if you choose the Original Medicare + California Medicare Supplement Plan path, or typically bundled if you select a California Medicare Advantage Plan.


California Medicare Part D prescription plans allow you to use a preferred Pharmacy.


We will help you choose a plan to best cover YOUR prescriptions.  


For help and getting your questions answered on California Medicare Part D prescription coverage call 1-916-865-8352 or email

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