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Give us a call at 1-866-486-6551 and we will look to get you enrolled in 5-10 minutes.



Get an instant quote here and apply for an on or off exchange plan with or without subsidy discount based on your income and employer benefits situation.

We have done all the homework already for you.

Our goal is to save you time, complications, and best of all cash in your pocket.

To research everything yourself online will be very confusing and frustrating.



Most people waste of a lot of time.


Give us a call with questions on your household size, what types of your income count in the calculation, or anything else.

You"ll be glad you did.


You can always run an instant quote on our website here:


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Help With Existing Covered California Account



If you are need of some help with your existing Covered California account, or would like to talk about renewal we can handle it.



Just follow these instructions to authorize your agent assistance designation.


  • Log In to your Covered California account at their website
  • At the top of the screen click on “Find Local Help”
  • Click on “Find An Agent” at Top Right of screen
  • Under "Search by Name" type in “River Rock Insurance” under Agency Name
  • Click on Thomas Gray and hit designate. Check all 3 boxes with signature and click on "Continue"

Once you are done give us a call 1-866-486-6551 or email letting us know any requirements or items to discuss about your case.

Sometimes Covered California will issue a requirement to allow your plan to renew so please contact us after finishing the agent designation steps.


Get help from a Certified Covered California Agent Today!



  • 15+ years of agent expertise in California health insurance: we are here to stay
  • We can tell you what income to count and which part to exclude for Covered California subsidy tax credit
  • Our services are always free to you...a requirement of a Certified Covered California Agent

Run a free instant quote today or give us a call/email. Toll Free 1-866-486-6551


We can help with Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment



From November 1st through January 31st each year we can enroll you on:


  • Covered California "On Exchange" plans or
  • "Off Exchange" direct to health insurance carriers.

Once that period expires, we can help with mid-year Qualifying Events, or "SEP"s (Special Enrollment Periods)


  • involuntary loss of coverage
  • birth
  • marriage/divorce
  • residence moves out of coverage areas

We Will Do The Work For You


Why waste hours on a subject you don"t want to read about?


Best of all. It"s no cost to you!

If you want to check Covered California Exchange Obamacare plans to see if you qualify for subsidy email us the following info:


  • number of members in your tax household
  • Current year Adjusted Gross Income for Household (most people it"s roughly line 37 on your 1040 tax form with some possible minor adjustments)
  • zip code of family residence
  • dates of birth

Email to submit is help@plansforhealth.com

Other Items Required for Enrollment


Additional information may be mandatory or occasionally required for enrollment.


This may include:


  • drivers license or other California residence proof
  • income documentation (many types may be allowed dependent on job situation)
  • citizenship or legal resident status
  • for mid year enrollments proof of qualifying event

Our services are completely free to you and rates are the same with us so give us a call at 1-866-486-6551 to get started.


Use our agent experience with over 15 years exclusively in the Sacramento health insurance market.


There's ZERO cost for our assistance.

Feel free to run any questions by us at 866-486-6551 or by email.


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