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The area is booming!


Whether you're a newer transplant from the Bay Area or a seasoned local...


We love Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom!


I've lived my entire life in the area and somehow managed to survive many trips to the river when I was younger.


That being said, a few of trips resulted in use of the family's health insurance.


This brings us to our need here.


What's the best health insurance available in Roseville, Rocklin, and the surroundings areas?


We have a very unique health care market in Sacramento county.


The players are different than in most parts of the State.


You can always run your quote here by market type:




Let's get started.

Everyone's always running somewhere around here...we're busy!

Quick Intro To Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom Ca Health Insurance


A few quick notes before we get started.

A lay of the land.

Health insurance is regulated at the State level but many of the rules come from the Federal ACA (Affordable Care Act) law which started in 2014.

Health plans in Roseville or Rocklin are no different.

They are shaped by both these effects as well.

It really impacted the individual and family market which we'll discuss below.

The small group market was also changed quite a bit which we'll also cover.

The senior Medicare market was not really impacted by the law and it falls into two categories:


  • Medicare supplements
  • Medicare Advantage plans


We'll look at both as well.


Some of the effects of the ACA law on Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom health plans:


  • Standardized benefits
  • 10 Essential health benefits required
  • Tax credits based on income
  • Smaller networks (except for Kaiser)
  • Penalties for not having health insurance
  • Non-subsidized rates increased


These are the big ticket times.

Lots of other changes!

We're happy to walk through any questions at 866- or by email.

As license Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom health brokers, there's no cost for our assistance...even with Covered California plans.

So...who offers health insurance in Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom?

What Companies Offer Health Insurance In Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom


This depends on the market.

Individual and Family:


  • Blue Shield of California
  • Kaiser
  • Western Health Advantage


Small Business:


  • Kaiser
  • Cal Choice
  • United Health
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Western Health Advantage
  • Health net
  • Aetna
  • Sutter Health


Seniors with Medicare

  • Kaiser
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • AARP (via United Health)
  • United Health
  • Western Health Advantage
  • Health net
  • Aetna
  • Sutter Health


Really, the area comes down to it two biggest healthcare networks.

Kaiser Versus Sutter In Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom


Roseville, Rocklin and the entire area for that matter are dominated by two provider networks:


  • Kaiser
  • Sutter Health


They really run the roost.

Kaiser has their fairly new and expansive center on Eureka right in the middle Roseville.

Sutter Health has their sprawling complex off of Douglas in Roseville.


These are two main health care facilities in the area.


For individuals and families, we really have to decide between the two.

Kaiser is an HMO so you have stay within their network.


Sutter has HMO's and PPO's that contract with them but you can't access Kaiser.


Rocklin or Roseville companies may actually be able to offer both to their employees.


This is a very popular strategy and we'll describe it below in the Small Business section.


You can quote Rosevlle or Rocklin health plans here:

quote sacramento individual and family health insurance plans and rates


Self Employed Health Options In Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom


The self-employed in Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom probably outnumber the employed.

Even with government downtown Sacramento!


Think of all the construction workers, small business owners, retail businesses.


It's self employment heaven!


Which is one reason it's growing so much.


There are a few ways to save on health insurance if you're self-employed.


  • Covered California
  • HSA accounts
  • Health Sharing plans


You may qualify for a tax credit based on income!


For employed people in Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom, it's based on NET business income.

Take a look at line 37 on the 1040 tax form!


We can help you with this.


If you qualify for tax credits, it can mean huge savings.


You can run your Covered Ca quote (select “on exchange”) here:

quote sacramento individual and family health insurance plans and rates


If you don't qualify for a tax credit, many self-employed people look at HSA plans.

Check out the Bronze plan at the quote above with “HDHP” in the title.


Blue Shield and Kaiser both have them!


Finally, if Covered Ca plans are too high, you can look at health sharing.


Health sharing is not health insurance.


You can see the rates and options here.


We can help with any of these options for the self employed in Roseville, Folsom, and Rocklin.

Employer Health Insurance For Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom Companies


Many employers get frustrated comparing health plans for their employees.


Some employees want Kaiser (a lot usually) while others want to use Sutter Health or even UC Davis.


How do you keep everyone happy?


Simple...the Kaiser Wrap.


Basically, you're able to offer another carriers along with Kaiser to your employees in the greater Sacramento area.


You can even based your company contribution on a given Kaiser plan (or a fixed dollar amount) and allow the employee to pick from a range of plans from EITHER carrier.


We can combine Kaiser with Blue Shield, Anthem, Health Net and more.


Another popular option is CalChoice.


CalChoice essentially took this same approach and put it under one tent!


Sometimes, their Kaiser plans can even be cheaper than Kaiser!


You can quote all these options for your Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom employees here:

quote sacramento individual and family health insurance plans and rates


Medicare Options For Roseville, Rocklin, And Folsom Seniors


There are lots of seniors in surrounding areas of Sacramento.


A large over-65 population.


That means Medicare and that means either supplements or Advantage plans.


Supplements work like PPO while Advantage plans are usually HMO plans.

If you want Kaiser, they are all Advantage plans.


Otherwise, we can look at a supplement and have access to lots of providers...


Even out of the area or State (say your in Reno!).


You can quote the Supplements and Advantage plans here:


For supplements, Anthem's Innovative F plans is a great value in Roseville and surrounding areas.


The F plan will be phased out after which, the G plan will become the default popular plan in the area.


Help With Covered California In Roseville, Rocklin, And Sacramento


We help people with Covered California options all day long.

As Certified Covered California agents in Roseville, Folsom, and Rocklin, there's no cost for our services.

We've enrolled 1000's of locals in Covered Ca since 2014 when it started.


Again, zero cost for our help on:


  • Estimating income
  • Figuring out household size
  • Local plan options and networks
  • Simplified enrollment by phone or online


Call us at 866-486-6551 or email us with any questions on Covered Ca!


Finding The Best Roseville, Folsom, Or Rocklin Health Insurance Agent


We're local.

We're experienced


We're good people!


We at RiverRock Insurance Services has been helping people with local health insurance for over 15 years.


Tom Gray, the founder, also grew up in Sacramento as a child and made the great pilgrimage back from the Bay Area to raise his family.


Give us a call and you'll realize it's not like the high pressure nationwide or statewide agencies.


We'll listen. Help. and be Pleasant.


Look...there's a value to knowing the local market in Folsom, Roseville, and Rocklin.

Each area is different and you can't expect an agent from outside the area to really know the players.

Don't waste your time or patience on a lack of knowledge about the local market.


Call us at 866-486-6551 or email us with any questions!


How To Quote And Enroll In Health Coverage


This is easy...and online.


You can access the quote by market type here:


  • Individual and Family
  • Small and Large Business
  • Medicare for Seniors


If you have any questions, we're here to help and there's cost for our assistance.


Welcome to Roseville, Rocklin, and Folsom.


Now...let's get you covered at the best rate available!





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